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Our comprehensive empowerment program is called the


Integrated Leadership Module (ILM)

All the training courses below form part of the Module.  
The module also offers a Training of Trainers (ILM-TOT) programs for those who seek to train others through this module

Preliminary Online Training

This online training is mandatory and a prerequisite for selection into other training courses. The training is a free service to our community. The training helps the facilitator to assess the potential trainee's readiness.

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ILM 3 - Integrity Workshop

This is a three day workshop that instills in the trainees a sense of personal responsibility as a key Islamic value. It teaches the importance of authentic expression and integrity in all our actions.

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ILM 1 - Reconciliation

This is an actual training for Queer Muslims and allies. It's a 60 hour training. Only 6-12 participants can be enrolled in this program at a time. This training is conducted in Cape Town but can also be offered in other countries on request.

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ILM 4 - Tazkiyyah

ILM 3 is a course on spiritual purification. It's a practical experience of being a self-denying Muslim and reach a peaceful state - Nafsul Mutma'in. The benefit of this course is that it helps to put the values of Islam, learnt in ILM 2, into practice. One of the main benefits of this course is that it helps the trainee to cope with life's challenges.

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ILM 2 - Tarbiyyah

ILM 2 is a more in-depth study of Compassion-centred Islam and how it relates to us as spiritual and sexual beings. To sign up for this course you must have completed the Preliminary Online Training and ILM 1.

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ILM - Training of Trainers

This certified course is offered only to selected trainees of ILM and is BY INVITATION ONLY. Only 6 trainees are selected annually. One of the main requirements for this course is a qualification in Islamic studies and a good command of classical Arabic.

The training is fully sponsored by Al-Ghurbaah Foundation.

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