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Our Services

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We provide counselling to our beneficiaries as a free service. However a donation is welcome.


* We specifically give support to queer Muslims who are seeking to reconcile their sexual orientation & gender identity with Islam.


* We also give support to Muslims who are marginalized based on gender and religious belief, such as women, people of other faiths who are in relationships with Muslims and Muslims from minority Muslim sects.


* We also support marginalized Muslims who are traumatized, stigmatized or facing any other negative social responses coming from the mainstream Muslim community.


Contact us today for a free counselling assessment…..



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Safe Spaces

Our safe spaces provide a sense of belonging for queer Muslims in the absence of a supportive mainstream Muslim community:


* Our safe spaces are all-inclusive and compassion-centred helping queer Muslims to create self-acceptance. 


* Through our safe spaces queer Muslims have access to information not easily accessible to them. 


* The space provides a sense of safety that allows queer Muslims to connect to each other and establish meaningful relationships.


* Through these spaces there is an opportunity for everyone to share their painful narratives so that they can grow personally and help others to grow as well.




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Safe Housing

Our Safe House is a halfway house for queer Muslims.


* The Safe House is a halfway house specifically for refugees and asylum seekers.


* The Safe House also provide temporary shelter for queer Muslims who have been ostracized by their families and are seeking independence and financial security.


* The Safe House also provide refugees, asylum seekers and queer Muslims with skills development and personal training so that they may reengage in society as an independent person with an elevated sense of self.


The Organization is seeking donors to support the development of the Safe House. Currently we are not in a position to take in any beneficiaries.



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Empowerment Training

Through our various training workshops and empowerment programs we:


* Empower queer Muslims through access to information and the sharing of powerful queer narratives.


* Help queer Muslims to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation and gender identity.


* Provide access to information. 


* Empowering the Muslim community to become more inclusive and compassion-centred.

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Civil Unions

We are the only organization in Africa who has a marriage officer registered with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and who provide this service to the queer Muslim community and those who marry partners from other faiths.


* We conduct Nikah ceremonies as well as register your marriage or civil union with the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa. We do not charge for this service, but we do charge for Nikah ceremonies and travelling to your venue.


* We can also link you to marriage officers from other faiths whom we work with.

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From time to time we reassess the impact of our services and we always strive to bring the best services to the queer community.

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