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Al-Ghurbaah Foundation was founded in September 2018 and spearheaded by Imam Muhsin Hendricks.  After 23 years of activism, there was a need for a renewed vision and a different way of working that would require fewer resources and create a more significant impact.  There is still a need for queer Muslims locally and internationally to reconcile their faith with their sexual orientation and gender identity. Therefore the organization will continue to provide support and safety wherever it can. The Foundation is a non-profit organization established for the following public benefit objectives:

  • Provide psycho-spiritual support services to Muslims who are marginalized based on sexual orientation, gender identity and belief.
  • Provide training and educational services to Muslim communities globally to promote an Islam that is all-inclusive and compassion-centred.
  • Provide access to information that will empower Muslims globally to create acceptance of marginalized identities within their families, community and spiritual spaces.
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The Foundation works explicitly with the following marginalized target groups:

  • Queer identified individuals (gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, transgender, intersex, MSM,  WSW and all those who are marginalized based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression).
  • Women who, as a result of orthodox and patriarchal representations of Islam, are marginalized or suffer various forms of abuse.
  • Sex workers,  who as a result of religious moralization and stigma suffer rejection and abuse.
  • The target groups also include other faith individuals who are in relationships with Muslims and those who, as a result of their religious beliefs,  however diverse, have been marginalized by mainstream Sunni Muslims.
  • Allies who fully support the queer Muslim struggle and are willing to volunteer their services and support are most welcome to join.

Realizing an all-inclusive &
compassion-centred global
Muslim community

Providing psycho-spiritual support services to Muslim marginalized based on sexual orientation & gender identity

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Al-Ghurbaah Foundation

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Islamic Gold Business Acc

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FNB Plumstead, Cape Town

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Imam Muhsin Hendricks


Abdul Mugheeth Petersen

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Abdul Qadr Gamiet

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Anwar Sadan


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Nazeem Layloo

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