AGF responds to MJC on homophobic and harmful ‘short Fatwa’

On 6th July 2022,  just days after Pride Month and the release of the documentary “The Radical” which portrays the lives of queer Muslims and their struggles to reconcile with Islam was released,  the Muslim Judicial Council issues a very harmful Fatwa calling Muslims who support homosexuality as “Out of the Fold of Islam”.  

See the Fatwa here: MJC Fatwa 6th July 2022


On 8th July 2022, AGF responded to the Fatwa asking the MJC to take accountability for the repercussions of such a fatwa that was issued without consultation with the community around which the fatwa is made and without extensive consultation with the sciences on the horizon that has highlighted the realities of sexual diversity.  The response also calls for the MJC to take the leadership in the discourse on this issue…. 

See the response here: Response to the MJC harmful fatwa on homosexuality_080722



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